there's two hundred punks in the park

and i'm one of them.

and so the angel fell in love with the devil;
5 February 1994
em. seventeen and coming clean for the first time. ohio.

i'm weird, cocky and i have a strange sense of humor. i'm hardly ever serious and when i am, i'm pouring my heart and soul into my words. i'm a bitch, but that's what happens when you've got blood pouring from your vagina each month and when people think you're the carpet, lower than them.

green day is my band. they have made such a huge impact on my life and they're like my brothers, my best friends. i've had enough shit said about them and honestly, i may act like it doesn't bother me, but it kills me. they are the reason i'm still fighting. they are the reason i'm still alive and kicking.

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